I have been seeing Dr. Pi since 2008. Previously, I had been trying acupuncture for a year with another practitioner without any results. It was frustrating getting poked, taking Chinese herbs, and receiving massages while maintaining the same level of pain. I wanted to give up¡­.. and so I did.

I went to a pain specialist who diagnosed my problem (spinal stenosis) and he gave me Valium, Opana, Methadone, Hydrocortisone, Norco, etc. I was high while I worked, high as I drove my car, high sleeping, high as I ate my dinner. I also could feel the medications in my skin. I felt sticky, ugly, heavy, and smelly. I could taste the medication in my mouth and in my sweat. I could smell the medication in my urine.

As I spoke to a co-worker about my ailments (I had many), she told me not to give up on acupuncture and recommended Dr. Pi. I figured I had nothing to lose since my insurance covers 30 free visits and well this Dr. was actually Chinese.

Walking in to Dr. Pi¡¯s office was interesting. There was no smell of incense or candles. It had a sterile feel to it like a doctors office but at the same time had the feel of a sanctuary¡­a warm place in the spirit.

I laughed to myself because I had a lot of problems and I was convinced this guy could not heal all of them. I had severe pain in both knees; I had a 23-year-old left ankle injury, a bunion in my right foot, a right rotor cuff tear, spinal stenosis, digestion problems, obesity, and erection problems. I was a mess!

Dr. Pi took each one of my problems on. Some one by one and some simultaneously. After the first visit I remember walking out feeling better than when I walked in. Not like the acupuncture I was getting the year previously. After 2 1/2 years with Dr. Pi, I no longer take any medication and my host of problems are now narrowed down to just my ankle and bunion.

Dr. Pi comes highly recommended. His commitment to healing and Traditional Chinese Medicine make him a valuable resource to anyone looking to enhance their quality of life, ease their pains, sleep better, eat better, you name it, Dr. Pi can heal it. I continue the use of Dr. Pi and his services. His friendly staff, his clean workplace, and his knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine make the healing process an enjoyable one!

Mack Smith, June 2011


Before becoming a patient of Dr. Pi, I was frustrated with sneezing and blowing my nose all the time (not just during Springtime), having itchy eyes, getting headaches, losing sleep, and suffering from other symptoms due to allergies and sinus problems. Worse still was that I often experienced many of the side affects warned about on the boxes of the medicines I bought at drug stores, products that were expensive and basically useless. (Ask my wife and children about my past irritability due to allergy medicine.)

Though I had heard about acupuncture for many years, I was nervous about the procedure. My wife, however, a registered nurse for over 30-years at Community Hospital, realized that traditional Western medicine was obviously not working and reminded me that I did not particularly like getting allergy shots from our Ear-Nose-Throat doctor either, and that taking these shots might eventually have harmful side-affects as well. After my wife spent a good deal of time researching acupuncture and Dr. Pi¡¯s background, we visited him and both of us became his patients (she because of high blood pressure and other problems which Dr Pi. also helped resolve).

Now that I know better, I look back and laugh at my misunderstanding about the simplicity of acupuncture with its barely noticeable hair-thin, disposable needles which are nothing at all like traditional medicine¡¯s painful hypodermic needles. Today I often forget about my past allergy and sinus miseries, that is until I see others suffering like I once did, and I find myself urging them to at least try this amazing procedure a few times.I still see Dr. Pi on occasion for allergies, but more for preventative purposes as now symptoms rarely occur and are less severe.

It is especially easy to recommend Dr. Pi. His has vast expertise gained from his superb training in both Western and Chinese medicine and from many years of helping cure his patients¡¯ ailments. You will find that he brings a sincere understanding of health issues and genuine kindness to his practice and a gentle touch to his procedures. But most important, you will see he produces positive results. You will feel better. And, as in my case, maybe your spouse and children will like being around you more, too.)

Mike Swanson, July 2010



A colleague and friend referred me to Dr. Peter Pi in May of 2006 after I had told her about the trouble I was having with my back. She had gone to him, still does and said he had done wonders for her. I went through intensive therapy the first few months and continue regular visits to this day for maintenance. A chronic back problem aggravated by stress was something I had lived with for years and finally with this treatment I am able to live relatively pain free.
It is a wonderful feeling! I really believe that, if you have your health you just about have everything!
Thank you, Dr. Pi.

Corinne P., May, 2010

Thank goodness for Dr. Pi! I suffered with trigger finger and carpal tunnel syndrome. Medical doctors wanted to give me a cortisone shot and operate on my hand. I didn't want to do that. I decided to try acupuncture and was recommended to Dr. Pi. He is a nice gentleman with a gentle touch. He knew I was apprehensive about the acupuncture and was very considerate of my fears. I had immediate relief after the initial sessions. After only three months of treatment twice a week, my trigger finger and my carpal tunnel syndrome disappeared. It has been over a year and my hand is great, thanks to Dr. Pi. I highly recommend acupuncture with Dr. Pi.

- Lauren T., April 2010

In June 2008, I was introduced to Dr. Peter Pi by one of his patients. He told me that he believed that he could help improve my chronic blood pressure condition. I was on high doses of medication at the time with their annoying side effects, and my blood pressure was still too high. With the approval of my family doctor, I began acupuncture treatments once a week. Very quickly it became apparent that my blood pressure was under control. When I had my physical in October, my physician was pleasantly surprised. He dramatically reduced my medication, and I am currently taking only 1/8 of the dosage I had before I began acupuncture, but I continue to have normal blood pressure. In several months, I may be completely off the medication. My family doctor has said "keep on doing whatever you are doing as long as it works". It is reassuring to me that Peter has a background in both Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine. With his 20 years experience as a cardiologist, I was prepared to listen more seriously as he discussed the applications of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine to my condition. I think my family doctor was also reassured by his background and experience.

- Ron K, November 2009

In 2004, I was found to have a thickening of the uterine lining diagnosed as hyperplasia- a precancerous condition. My gynecologist and several colleagues consulted with all said I absolutely had to have surgery--a hysterectomy. I didn't want it, and with the permission of my gynecologist who was interested in alternative medicine, I started treatment in Traditional Chinese Medicine with Dr. Peter Pi. In a few months I was found to be "perfectly normal"

About two years later, I had a mild recurrence. My gynecologist said that normally she would prescribe Provera, but that I did so well with "that other treatment" she thought I should do that. So back I went to Dr. Pi. Again, in a few months I was "all clear". "Keep on with the herbs you're taking" my gynecologist said. And with acupuncture and herbs I have remained well.

Peter has been only been a concerned and devoted healer--watching for any other health problems--but has proven himself to be a good and loving friend as well--not only for me but to his other patients.

- Bernice K, August 2008

I have known Dr. Peter Pi since April 2006. I find her to be a true caring professional. I see Dr. Peter Pi on a continuous every week basis.

He has helped me get my period back after failing with 4 MD's in the Reproductive Endocrinology Field. I have been menstruating normally every month. I feel more relaxed, non-constipated, mails- stronger, hair-thicker, and confident by Dr. Peter Pi. I highly recommend Dr. Peter Pi to all my friends, family, and customers. He has been a life saver to me.

- Michele R., Registered Pharmacist, September 2007

Mr. Peter Pi has been treating my daughter and I for five years now. I was a severe asthmatic, and was on inhalers every four hours until I met Peter. I also got pneumonia two years ago, and if it hadn't been for Peter treating me, I know it would have taken me another year to recover.

As far as my daughter is concerned, Pi has been treating her since she was 6 years old. She is now ten. My daughter has trusted her, allowed her to put 20 needles in her body once a week, and is now off nebulizers, inhalers, and is fine. No asthma.

Pi is a gentle soul. I completely trust his abilities as an acupuncturist. He has treated many of my friends, and many of my daughter's friends. They have all become healthier beings as a result of her work and expertise. He is a true healer and a dedicated Doctor.

- Marry D, September 2005

For about fifteen years I have sought medical treatment for two problems: one, a sciatic condition, which has been the source of intense pain and which has caused atrophy of muscles in my left leg; and two, a tremor, which occurs primarily in my left hand. In 2000 I was introduced to Dr. Pi..

Dr. Pi has been a regular consultant in diagnosing my condition and prescribing treatment. As a result of his advice, I have made considerable progress: I now experience only occasional mild pain, my atrophied leg muscles are developing, my tremor is under control and my arm and hand strength and coordination are returning. Also, I have had many opportunities for discussion with Dr. Pi, during which I have been very impressed by his knowledge of Western medicine and his ability to integrate Chinese medicine into his analysis of complex medical issues.

- Math, L. PhD, April 2002